Sunday, February 21, 2010

AP Art 08-09 Part 1

The concentration for my AP art portfolio during my senior year of high school was fairytales. The first project I started was based on Thumbelina. It was a 24in X 36in painting originally, but I wasn't very good at painting and so my ambition to finish it didn't matter when I was slugging through it. My teacher was pressuring me to finish something so I began to work on a Princess and the Pea based piece (2nd) at school and a Snow White piece at home. The Princess and the Pea piece was done originally horizontal but rotated thanks to a light box. It had about 10 vanishing points I think. I wanted to create a piece in which you saw her climbing the mattresses because it must have been scary. The Snow White one displays my bad painting abilities, but I tried to make up for it with complimentary colors. I later restarted my Thumbelina one and finished it with copic markers

Game Design: Table Top Game

These were done to insert into a powerpoint I made for the explanation of the Tabletop game I created for game design class. (I am a horrible "gamemaster" btw). The game was based on a novel I am writing. Richelle was all ready drawn months before the assignment so I decided to color her. I made Promeas next and then scribbled out and sloppily colored Atlagon. You can tell how much more time I put into Richelle and how the rest were rushed. I don't like the second two drawings and I want to contine to finish up Richelle. I'm still not decided on character design. Atlagon is definitely not going to look like that. Eww.