Friday, February 25, 2011


Puppets I made for my next animation project. She's probably not a good design for a stiff puppet. I really dislike the side view one. I didn't draw her well balanced and she's off balance in the front 3/4 view one too.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Objects and Film Studies

Finally scanned my work from Will Weston's class. And this time I got a good scanner and edited them. Here are some object drawings and a few of the film studies I've done. I really like that class. I feel like I'm really learning.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some Recent Animations

First I made a sculpture out of recycleables and pasta

Then I took photos of 8 angles. Cut him out in photoshop and made each limb a separate layer, making sure to add missing parts. We used the puppet pin tool in After Effects to animate. First assignment was just to move it across the frame, second was to make it sentient.

Next is an attempt at visual music. I wasn't very inspired and had a hard time finding the beats.

This is my character animation last assignment, but we weren't told until the second pass that it was our final. first passes by hand, redrawn and frames added with photoshop animation.

I also helped my sister with some flash animation last semester. Animation by my sister Michelle. I edited her volumes and did the coloring.

Been working on animating the characters of the video game Quicksilver:Infinite Story, a USC Advance game project. I can't show any animation, but I think I can show the comic I did for their contest.
I learned how to use my tablet better. The script was from a pool of premade scripts, but I reworded it for comic conciseness.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Progress on Story and Other Doodles

First is the sequence of "storyboards" for my final for Writing for Animation class. There not like real boards because I haven't learned how to do them right. I cut a lot of the included text from the actual script

Richelle is the character in the story. I am trying to find how I should draw her.
The rest are random sketches or the original sketches for my final art project last semester. I like the lines of the sketches better than the inked versions.